Burns, Felix

Felix Burns (1864-1920) was a prolific composer of light classical and band pieces.  He was born in Perth, Scotland, but lived most of his adult life just over the border, in Carlisle. 

Mr Burns was a popular performer, band master, teacher and church organist, as well as having thirteen children with his wife, Catherine. 

He was a prolific composer of popular light music for solo and band performance, always with the up-and-coming musician in mind; there is a great selection of his easy-to-intermediate pieces on this site, including some from his nom-de-plume, Leona Lacoste.

His sixteen dance albums each present a complete dance programme.  Though written for the piano (with cornet and violin parts also available), many of the pieces lend themselves to the very different style and temperament of the accordion.  Some, like the Queen Mary Waltz, found a new lease of life in the hands of Jimmy Shand in the 1950s; others are waiting to be rediscovered and interpreted for a new audience.

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